An especially important aspect of any undergraduate chemistry curriculum is research.  In today’s world, students intending to pursue post-baccalaureate training in PhD graduate programs, Medical School, Pharmacy School, etc. are not competitive without a significant undergraduate research experience.  Moreover, it is evident that research experiences at the undergraduate level (as well as in High School) are an important aspect of encouraging talented students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in chemistry.  Research experiences teach students critical thinking and educates them with regards to the “scientific process and method”, allowing them the opportunity to see for themselves how science is created and how it evolves. 

There are several ways to get involved in research in the Chemistry Department at SSU:

1. Attend seminars Fridays at noon. Check out the schedule and room each semeser by clicking here

2. Attend our joint group meeting Fridays at 3 pm, Check out the schedule and room each semester by clicking here.

3.  Join a research group.  Check out faculty research by clicking here.

4. Take the research class CHEM 315.

5.  Participate in summer research either at SSU or through the NSF.